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INTERSOS Yemen New Arrivals Data for September 2010

Women at Risk” is the largest category of risk assessed during September among the new arrivals to the Yemeni shore by INTERSOS, through the risk assessment programme in partnership with UNHCR and in cooperation with other key humanitarian actors. In July and August patterns were different, with  “Unaccompanied Minors / Separated Children” as first category. The joint programme indentified 16 Sexual and Gender-Based Violence cases. Individual counselling and prompt humanitarian responses have been provided to them by direct assistance or by referral to other UNHCR implementing partner agencies.

Furthermore, the above mentioned joint programme and the new established IOM-INTERSOS Counter trafficking Identification Unit at the Mayfa’a and Kharaz reception centers identified 9 Victims of Trafficking during the month of September, providing them immediate assistance.  Part of them have been referred to Safe-shelters, while for the others solutions have been identified within their own community. A hotline for prompt assistance is now available, in order to raise awareness on trafficking issues.

To view the full report go to the Resources section, under MMTF Publications.

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