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Yemen MMTF Activities during September 2010

-  UNHCR continues monitoring the situation of stranded migrants in Harad, mostly Ethiopians who are unwilling or unable to cross KSA’s border with Yemen or have been returned by Saudi authorities. As of the end of September, 1,357 individuals have been registered, including 836 migrants, 26 asylum seekers and 67 unaccompanied minors. UNHCR is coordinating with IOM with regard to voluntary repatriation of migrants to Ethiopia and with UNICEF, WFP and MOSAL regarding assistance to minors.

– Two Counter-Trafficking Units have been established in Mayfa’a and Kharaz camp reception centres by IOM in partnership with UNHCR and INTERSOS to identify, refer and assist victims of trafficking amongst persons of concern.

–   UNHCR and IOM in Djibouti conducted a joint mission in Obock to assess the situation of stranded migrants and follow up on UNHCR Yemen’s reports of more than 40 corpses discovered along the Yemeni Red Sea shore since June 2010. The mission confirmed that stranded migrants and refugees in Obock have been drinking water from contaminated wells. Food and non-food assistance for stranded mixed migrants provided by UNHCR, IOM and WFP, is still pending distribution by the government. The number of deaths among mixed migrants reaching Yemen has largely decreased.

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