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DRC Yemen New Report – Mixed Migration from the HoA to Yemen – Protection risks and challenges

12DRC YEMEN commissioned a study on the mixed migration, prompted by the finalization of the European Commission project that started in 2008 entitled, Support to Individuals, State and Non-State actors to manage Migration and refugees across Somalia/Yemen gap. The study is intended to gain an overall picture of the protection situation during migration from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, as well as the situation migrants faced upon arrival. The study aims to assess the protection environment and to identify protection risks in light of the changing nature of migration flows afore mentioned as well as problem areas for intervention in order to help DRC YEMEN plan and implement its new EC project, Contribution to the development of an effective response to mixed migrations in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, based on human rights principles, which runs from December 2010 to November 2012.

The main objectives of the study were:
  • To analyze the protection challenges and gaps in the area of origin, during transit andupon arrival in Yemen via both the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, in particular, to provide more qualitative information on vulnerable groups, and a focus on existing and active individual, family and group protection and coping mechanisms.
  • To identify and analyze conditions of new arrivals when they remain in Yemen, specifically looking at the urban settlement of Bassateen and the Kharaz refugee camp.
  • To produce a set of action-oriented recommendations for the humanitarian community, the Yemeni government and other regional and local stakeholders, as needed.
This report is based on a three-week research mission to the south of Yemen by the external consultant in January 2011. It is also based on registration data of new arrivals in Yemen gathered systematically by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), as well as DRC protection reports from interviews it conducts with new arrivals on the Red Sea coast. The writer interviewed around seventy individuals in Yemen, including Somali and Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers, community leaders, United Nations and non-governmental organisations’ officials.
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