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about Arriving in Yemen

Upon arrival at Yemen’s Arabian Sea coast Somalis can be taken to reception centres in Mayfa’a and Ahwar and registered. Somalis who arrive on Yemen’s Red Sea coast can be transported to Kharaz reception centre for registration.

Non-Somalis arriving along the Arabian Sea coast are transported to reception centres for registration as asylum seekers if they wish. At registration they are issued attestation letters and have the opportunity to reach Aden or Sana’a by their own means to lodge their asylum claims with the UN Refugee Agency. Non-Somalis arriving along the Red Sea Coast who wish to seek asylum are transported to Kharaz camp for registration.

However, patrol teams do not reach the vast majority of the non-Somali new arrivals, as boats often land at night and are met by inland smugglers, traffickers or criminal gangs who move them on towards the Saudi Arabian border or keep them in various locations along Yemen’s southern and western shore to extort them and their families for ransom, often in extremely brutal circumstances.

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